I am giving up on dating entirely. Its bad enough I meet losers in real life now some freak I was talking to online seems to be a stalker. He keeps calling and leaving hateful messages and I am pretty sure he called my job today. I think that he tried to follow me home from work today but I do several side roads and lost him.  Why can’t I just meet someone normal and decent. Its not like I am asking for a millionaire model type.



When I got home today I didn’t have any Internet connection. I realized I had forgotten to send in the bill. My phone runs off Internet also so couldn’t call. I went to a pay phone and they said they hadn’t cut it off but I paid over the phone anyway. By the time I drove home surprisingly enough the internet was working. How convenient.

Work has been screwed up for 2 days now due to trucking issues. I will be so glad when the weekend gets here. I am exhausted. I did manage to mow half the yard and do dishes today.

Crazy Family

I think my family is addicted to moving.  I’ve got one aunt thats moved at least 8 times in the past 2 years and the other aunt has moved 3 times since August. She just bought a place and had a ton of work done to it and now wants to sell it to the first aunt. I think they are crazy. I hate moving and can’t wait until I own a place and can plant what I want and decorate it anyway I want. I will never move once I own a place.


My sister sent some old pics of me that they had scanned up. I don’t even remember any of them. Here are a couple.Madonna and Little Eddiegrandma-fridley.jpg


Some guy called me from online. He was a freaking nut.  How do they always find me?

Happy Dance

I got my daughter’s car fixed. And the guy looked at mine and said he thinks its the fuel regulator so its probably going to be about a hundred to get that fixed but thats about all thats wrong with my car. It was an absolutely beautiful day today.  Unfortunately I have to go back into the hell hole tomorrow.

Today would have been my 23rd wedding anniversary if we hadn’t gotten a divorce. Normally I don’t even think about but for some reason today I was remember how I felt back then. I was so happy, scared and in love I thought. As more and more time goes by there are more days I regret not working harder to make it work. Sometimes you just get tired of always fighting and never having what you need.