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I did it

Today makes 30 straight days blogging so thats another thing off my 101 things list.  I will still blog but not as frequently.

I did get up today and do a mile with one of the walking tapes.  But work was a mess just like it has been for the past 3 days all because of one trucking company. I hope how soon we stop using them.


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Family dinner

Tried to sleep in today because I was so tired.  I don’t know why but I felt as though I hadn’t slept for a year. Finally got to stirring and did a few things. Check the mail and happily my income taxes were there. I am getting my car fixed next weekend. Also got an invite in there for a friends baby shower next weekend. Of course that is the day I am supposed to get my car worked on.

My aunt called and invited us up for dinner. There was aunt 1 and her granddaughter, aunt 2, her husband and her mother in law and me and Mandi. Dinner was way later than normal.  We had mashed potatoes, boiled cabbage, green beans, stuff chicken breasts, macaroni and cheese and some kind of brown rolls. I didnt like the chicken but everything else was really good.  Went to see the house aunt 1 is buying, its pretty but I would have stayed in the first place since its paid for and the second place is twice what she paid for the first.

Supposedly my cousin who has been dating 2 men is going to marry one of them. I don’t know which one that would be though.

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Busy Saturday

I told me self all week long that I was going to sleep in today because I have just felt exhausted this whole week. Naturally I was awake before 7am. I tried to resist but couldn’t fall back asleep so I got up. So far today I have done 3 loads of laundry and hung one of them on the line to dry. I do so love the sight of clothes blowing in the wind on a line drying. I need to do that more often, one because it lightens my heart and 2 so I can save money and gas not having to go to the laundromat.  Of course I will have to buy a new line since mine snapped and broke in half. I have done 3 loads of dishes, cleaned out a filing cabinet that apparently was only used to store junk in and not filing. I am going to take it to the dump since its in bad shape anyway. I am trying to declutter and have less stuff. I made a huge bowl of diet jello and a pot of fresh brewed tea.

I have tried to do some form of exercise every day and I have only munched on diet popcorn with butter spray on it. So far this week I have lost 5 lbs. I am sure most of it is water weight but I don’t care as long as the scale is going down. I am using the hand weights I bought daily and trying to move more so its more cardio. I am going to finish the yard mowing today and walk at the park. I have to take the other 2 loads of laundry to the laundromat and take off a load of garbage also.

I have finished up my weekly pogo challenges. I like pogo because its mindless and relaxes me. I did feel guilty about it but I have been reading a book about being happier and less stressed and it said that every day we need to take a mini vacation doing whatever relaxes us. Pogo works for me so who cares that I am not doing anything productive.

Mandi and I went out to eat at the Chinese place. I got the crab legs as usual. Now she is off to walmart because she is bored.

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I am giving up on dating entirely. Its bad enough I meet losers in real life now some freak I was talking to online seems to be a stalker. He keeps calling and leaving hateful messages and I am pretty sure he called my job today. I think that he tried to follow me home from work today but I do several side roads and lost him.  Why can’t I just meet someone normal and decent. Its not like I am asking for a millionaire model type.

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When I got home today I didn’t have any Internet connection. I realized I had forgotten to send in the bill. My phone runs off Internet also so couldn’t call. I went to a pay phone and they said they hadn’t cut it off but I paid over the phone anyway. By the time I drove home surprisingly enough the internet was working. How convenient.

Work has been screwed up for 2 days now due to trucking issues. I will be so glad when the weekend gets here. I am exhausted. I did manage to mow half the yard and do dishes today.

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Crazy Family

I think my family is addicted to moving.  I’ve got one aunt thats moved at least 8 times in the past 2 years and the other aunt has moved 3 times since August. She just bought a place and had a ton of work done to it and now wants to sell it to the first aunt. I think they are crazy. I hate moving and can’t wait until I own a place and can plant what I want and decorate it anyway I want. I will never move once I own a place.

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My sister sent some old pics of me that they had scanned up. I don’t even remember any of them. Here are a couple.Madonna and Little Eddiegrandma-fridley.jpg

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